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Unfortunately, we have all witnessed or know someone who has witnessed a loved one struggle and, more often than not, pass away due to cancer. But this story is unlike any other story. This story, resulted in the establishment of a very unique Association.

A Unique Story

© Association Aida
© Association Aïda | A picture of Aïda Younes Frangié

In 2014, Léa Moukannas, 15 years old, witnessed her grand-mother, Aïda, struggle with an advanced stage of leukemia. “Mamie Aïda”, as she would call her, tried to fight this horrible disease… in vain. Léa would often describe Her as a person who had an incredible zest for life. Even in her last days, Aïda still kept her captivating smile and incredible sense of humor.

It is noteworthy that Aïda was an active volunteer in the Bassma Association and found true joy in helping others. Léa, truly inspired by her grand-mother, wished to follow her example and fight for a cause she deeply believed in.

The Association

© Association Aida | Logo of “Association Aïda pour la lutte contre le cancer”

In the memory of her beloved grand-mother, Léa established the “Aïda Association for the fight against cancer” in January 2015. It started off with realizing ill children’s dreams and wishes, such as meeting a celebrity they’ve always looked up to. Today, the Association has developed multiple goals under three distinct categories:

The Patients:
  • Realize patients’ deepest dreams.
  • Help hospitalized children and adolescents.
  • Provide support to the patients’ families.
The Research:
  • Contribute to the advancement in pediatric cancer research.
The Sensitization of Adolescents:
  • Organize activities to raise awareness on the issue in adolescents specifically.

Léa, only 17 years old today, has raised more than €60,000, and has helped over 140 adolescents in need since the establishment of her Association. Even though she lives abroad, Léa visits Lebanon often. And this upcoming Sunday, The Aïda Association is organizing a charity event to raise funds.

The Fundraiser

© Association Aida | A Fundraising Concert to help the Aïda Association
Location: Quadrangle, Hazmieh
eddress: G3J-LCO

The Aïda Association has organized numerous outdoor and indoor activities, including a marathon and a concert (among other events) in order to raise awareness on the issue at hand. For example, in June 2015, a paintball event was successful in uniting 160 youths and raise €1,500.

This year, The Association is organizing yet another concert which will take place at Quadrangle, Hazmieh. Show your support by joining The Aïda Association this Sunday, July 7th, @9PM!

Learn more about how you can help today by visiting www.associationaidalc.org


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